The Rosalind Franklin STEM Ambassadors is Professor Essi Viding’s Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award project to raise the profile of women in (STEM). Twenty-one year 11 girls with promising futures from backgrounds currently underrepresented in STEM careers attended a two-day workshop at University College London (UCL) in September 2018. Digital content created during the workshop forms the basis of this web resource. 

According to research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (, many girls start to lose interest in STEM subjects at A-levels. This is in part because of low confidence in their abilities and a concern about being in the minority of a male-dominated area. 

We hope by sharing our successful workshop content, we will be able to inspire more girls to choose STEM subjects for A-levels. Students can watch video stories told by relatable female role models, view materials on how to build confidence, and learn tips on key communication skills. Although the Teacher Toolkit lesson plans are designed especially for female GCSE-aged students, the resources are available to all learners, completely free of charge.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure what to look forward to, but I heard so many fascinating stories, learned a lot about science and boosted my confidence!
— Chloe, STEM Ambassador

Here's our team: 


Project Manager, Web Designer, & Illustrator — Liz Lee

Videographer — Dr. Jake Fairnie

Event and Project Support — Ruth Roberts 

Social Media Manager — Annie Gaule


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