Welcome to the Teacher Toolkit

Inspire your students to choose a STEM subject for their A-level or pursue a career in STEM with a series of video stories, teacher-created lesson plans, and slides. Students will discover how the STEM subjects they learn in school can lead to exciting careers.

Lesson topics include: the design of new medicines; vaccine development; female STEM role models; pharmacology; health policy; science degree transferrable skills; mathematics; biology; genetics; academic research science.

Communication Skills for STEM Careers include: confidence; UCAS statements; scientific writing; group presentation tips; powerpoint slide design; asking good questions; preparing for university.



40 - 60 min

STEM Role Model - Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu, Pharmacology

Students will learn about different pharmacy career pathways, including medicine design and nanotechnology. Professor Uchegbu’s stories of obstacles she faced and how she overcame them provide a memorable demonstration of the importance of asking for help.


40 min

STEM Role Model - Dr. Laura Boothman, Health Policy

What can you do with a science degree? This lesson explores transferable skills and what a career in health policy involves through the story of Dr. Boothman.


40 min

STEM Role Model - Dr. Emma Meaburn, Genetics

This lesson provides students with an overview of what an academic scientist’s job involves: research, teaching, and service. Dr. Meaburn shares how her experience as a fostered child inspired her to study genetics.


40 min

STEM Role Model - Professor Essi Viding, Psychology

Why do some people become psychopaths? In this lesson, Professor Viding introduces some of the psychological tests she uses to research the brain function of children at risk of developing psychopathy.


40 mins

STEM Role Model - Professor Sunetra Gupta, Mathematics and Biology

This lesson explores a practical outcome you can have when you use mathematics to study biological systems (vaccines) and why Professor Gupta finds science poetic.


Communication Skills for STEM Careers

Here are some tips and tools that will hopefully help your students feel a little less nervous (maybe even kinda excited?) about starting A-levels, applying for university, and starting a career in STEM.